Membership Application or Renewal

Membership eligibility criteria

ANECA's objectives detail the eligibility criteria as follows: 

3. Without limiting the Board in setting eligibility criteria for membership, membership will be open to
3.1. Australian accredited equestrian coaches from the formal Olympic equestrian disciplines
3.2. Australian coaches in the informal equestrian community sector
3.3. Overseas-accredited coaches who are either residents or visiting in Australia, and
3.4. Persons or organisations that can assist ANECA to meet its objectives.

Membership year of ANECA is the financial year - 1 July of a year to 30 June the next.

Membership Fee - there is a single level of membership fee and is currently set at $50 p.a.  ANECA recognises the difficulties caused by COVID-19, and thus set the membership fee for time being at $25.

To apply for, or renew your membership, please complete the form below. The form does not contain any sensitive information and will only be used to register your membership.

On satisfactory completion, you will be redirected to a page detailing your payment options.

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