Nominate for Committee Office Bearer Position

ANECA, a registered not-for profit association, is governed by a Committe of Management with office bearers elected by a general meeting of members annually, based on the financial year of 1 July of a year to the end of June of the next.

ANECA, for time being, adopted the model constitution prepared by NSW Fair Trading, which covers the matters required by law. 

Accordingly, the Management Committee of ANECA Inc are:
the 4 office-bearers of the association:
(a) the President,
(b) the Vice-president,
(c) theTreasurer,
(d) the Secretary
and up to 3 Committee Members. 

Nominations are called for the 2021 - 2022 year. If you are a paid member, you may nominate online by completing the form below.
You can become a member of ANECA or may renew your membership online

Nomination for Management Committee position

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