Who are we and where are we going?

ANECA (short for Australian National Equestrian Coaches Association Inc.) has been formed in late 2018 as a professional body with the objectives to supporting the different levels of coaching and the diverse range of equestrian activities in which coaches are involved in the community.

  • Offer membership of the Association that supports different levels of coaching qualifications and the diverse range of equestrian activities in which coaches are involved in the community; 
  • Represent its members in their best interests and in the interests of the future of equestrian coaching in Australia, and 
  • Promote development and delivery of coaching resources as stand alone or supplementary units for other existing equestrian coach courses to enhance and expand knowledge and skills of its members. 

You can download the PDF with the full text of our Objectives.

Management Committee of the Association

President - Sue Halden-Brown -  former Level 3 and Olympic coach, currently international coach educator and developer, internationally-published author and conference speaker on coaching and coach education.
Vice-President - Sandra Pearson-Adams - level 3 coach, Fellow of the BHS, coach educator extraordinaire, co-author with Sue Halden-Brown of the first Study Guide for Coach Education in any sport – a world-first!
Secretary/Treasurer - Judit Kovacs - qualifications and experience in education, public administration, public law, design and technology, web and graphic design
Members - 
Combined expertise - Level 1 coach, completing an Equine Studies degree at Charles Sturt University, and hugely committed to coach education,  former National Coaching Director and contributor to coach education in Australia.