ANECA (short for Australian National Equestrian Coaches Association Inc.) has been formed by coaches for coaches in late 2018 as a professional body with the objectives to

  • Offer membership of the Association that supports different levels of coaching qualifications and the diverse range of equestrian activities in which coaches are involved in the community;
  • Represent its members in their best interests and in the interests of the future of equestrian coaching in Australia, and
  • Promote development and delivery of coaching resources as stand alone or supplementary units for other existing equestrian coach courses to enhance and expand knowledge and skills of its members.

On behalf of the ANECA Team – Welcome to our website!

ANECA is “For coaches - By coaches”. It is guided by experienced Level 3s, who are supported by members with significant managerial and administrative skills. 

ANECA is an independent organisation, formally constituted and registered with the NSW Dept. of Fair Trading as an Incorporated Association. It is not affiliated with, or linked to, any other existing equestrian organisation. 

ANECA is dedicated to supporting the equestrian coaching community across all equestrian activities. We’re currently a small group of coaches and supporters, all of whom have had a career commitment to equestrian education and who continue to contribute in various ways to coach development in Australia. 

ANECA is about coach education. In support of all current accreditation, we will be offering educational resources for coaches in all equestrian activities, at all levels. For this, we will welcome your input and will listen to your ideas and needs. Much of this will necessarily be online, but hopefully we can all be face-to-face, post Covid.

ANECA will support existing coach education by providing new resources and educational activities, but will not be providing coach accreditation or registration, as that is part of the role of a peak body. 

Who is governing ANECA? Please visit our "About Us" page for details.

We welcome your questions and enquiries. Watch this space as ANECA grows!   

Sue Halden-Brown
President, on behalf of the ANECA Team

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